The Perfect Planters for Winter.

The Perfect Planters for Winter

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Winter is just around the corner. With it comes wanting to spruce up your space by gardening. Container gardening is a favorite for urban and suburban homeowners as well as business owners. Container gardening is not only a way to grow your vegetables, flowers, and herbs but also because they create an attractive outdoor space. Planters come in a wide variety of materials, some cheap, and others are costly. Here are a few perfect planters for winter to choose from, so your garden or patio will not only be successful but look beautiful as well.

Resin Planters

Resin planters are best suited for commercial buyers. The notable benefits of resin planters are their durability and ease of maintenance, making them perfect for business owners. We offer various style options and can even mimic other materials, like natural stone. In addition, resin planters are lightweight, saving business owners a ton on shipping costs. TerraCast Resin Planters always stand out. They can handle extreme weather conditions and never need refinishing or painting. They also don’t chip, crack, warp, fade or peel which makes them perfect for winter conditions. 


Like all TerraCast planters, modern planters are perfect for winter. These durable planters are low-maintenance and come in a wide range of styles and colors, and require minimum work to keep their appearance. Modern planters add a sophisticated look to buildings with holiday décor. Offering reliability, custom options, and lightweight features, why not choose a modern planter from TerraCast. Modern planter favorites include the Brickell. The design comes in a variety of colors that can assist in holiday décor standing out.

Self-Watering Planters

Self-watering planters offer plenty of benefits. In addition to making plant care easier, they also considerably lower the chance of watering plans too little or too much. If you have the habit of forgetting to water plants, self-watering planters can draw water up to the roots as required. This prevents brown or dying plants. TerraCast self-watering planter are well worth the investment. TerraCast offers a variety of different self watering planter attachments of different sizes. Self watering planters from TerraCast are innovative and easy to install.

Residential Planters

While most of our line is very large planters for business owners, we have a ton of planters that work for our residential customers. These planters will be made of the same industrial grade resin that our commercial clients get, just made into styles and sizes that are practical for a homeowner. Resin is the number one material for outdoor applications. TerraCast is the number one vendor of rotationally molded planter pots in the country. TerraCast has an entire suite of products for residential customers and we can accommodate any client, big or small. View our Residential Planter line. 

Choose TerraCast Products

Always keep the shape of the planter in mind as you narrow down your options for the perfect planter for your space. Corner planters (such as rectangular or square planters) require more space than round planters and bowls. At TerraCast products, planters of all shapes and sizes, as well as custom designs – color, shape, size, style, texture, and even personalized branding – are available. Call TerraCast and find just the perfect winter planter to enhance your space.