7 Benefits To Landscaping With Made In America Products

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made in America red stamp isolated on white backgroundWe are happy to see more and more shoppers taking the time to check and see if a product is made in the USA before buying it. Buying American made products started off as a movement to bring jobs back home, and it is now transforming into a way of life. Numerous benefits are provided by made in America products, benefits that impact you and your landscaping, the nation as a whole and the future environment our children will inherit. In this blog we detail the top 7 reasons why you should buy made in America landscaping products.

1. Don’t Support Unfair Labor Conditions

America has strict labor standards not found in many other countries. This is why so many businesses originally fled overseas and started using factories in places such as China. Without human labor laws in place, factory workers are heavily exploited in order for businesses to generate more profits. Sweatshops are dangerous and workers are paid pennies a day, and without child labor laws in place many of these workers are children. If you buy products made cheaply overseas, you assume the risk of supporting unsafe and unjust working conditions for both adults and young kids.

2. Help Keep & Create Jobs Here In America

When manufacturing jobs started to be outsourced more and more American jobs were lost. As a result, we suffered one of the worst recessions in history. According to highly regarded economists interviewed by the NY Times, buying American made products is the answer to solving economic problems. Goods made in the US reduce the trade deficit, support a higher tax base, and increase overall growth of the economy.

When more people demand American made products, more manufacturing facilities are instituted, meaning more local people are able to secure work. That’s good news no matter where you work or who you are. A poor economy leads to increased job competition, a decrease in pay, and a rise in unemployment—which isn’t good for any American citizen. You can help improve the local economy by simply buying products that are made in the USA.

3. Protect The Environment

The US has some of the toughest manufacturing regulations in regards to the environment. In countries where manufacturing costs are much cheaper there are often very little laws regulating environmentally damaging processes and how businesses dispose of toxic waste. When you purchase cheap foreign products you could very likely be promoting the pollution of an entire town, farmland, or river. Global pollution is a problem for everyone, even if you live one million miles away from the source. We are all connected living on the same planet and eventually the harmful damage done in one area will impact our own backyard.

4. Enjoy Long Lasting, High Quality Products

Companies that manufacture their goods right here in the US are more likely to be in tune with what is going on at their manufacturing facility. A higher standard for manufacturing naturally lends itself to a higher quality product. For instance, if you purchase a plastic planter made in China you are going to pay very little money but you will need to replace that planter soon after you buy it. In fact, depending on the climate you live in a cheap plastic planter might not stand up to one full year of elemental exposure.

On the other hand, if you buy a high quality resin planter that is made in America, your planter will last year after year, no matter the exposures it faces. You might pay a little more up front for USA made products, but in the end you will save time and money because you won’t have to continually rebuy cheap replacements that support unethical practices.

5. Become Green Certified

Businesses that make the choice to become LEED Certified are actively working to protect the environment. Going green isn’t just a trend; it’s a new way of life. In order to be considered for LEED certification your business must utilize environmentally conscious practices every step of the way. The LEED, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is lead by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Businesses can apply for LEED certification, and buying environmentally conscious products made in the USA is the first step to getting your green certification. (Learn how to become LEED Certified)

6. Protect Your Health And Safety

Dog treats, children toys, dishware, all of these products and more made overseas have been found to contain toxic levels of certain materials. Throughout the 2000s a number of products made adults, kids, and pets sick due to unsafe levels of lead, a toxic substance that can be especially harmful in the development of children.

As a result a number of people and pets have become sick, permanently disabled, and some have even lost their life. You don’t have to worry about lead poisoning with American made products, thanks to strict federal safety standards. These same laws don’t apply elsewhere, causing lead dishes and other toxic materials to seep into US goods and harm innocent people.

7. Stand Up For A Higher Standard

American made products are generally going to cost a little more than imported goods, but that’s because we cannot compete with foreign manufacturers willing to use exploitive policies and pay no heed to pollution and local destruction. By purchasing American goods you are standing up for a higher standard today in order to ensure future generations have the same beautiful planet to enjoy.

The Rise In Popularity Of Made In America Products

The crash of the US economy brought many realizations to light. Turns out we got what we paid for in terms of cheap products made overseas. Goods produced in highly unregulated sweatshops are quick to break, take away American jobs, lead to environmental damages, and contribute to inhuman conditions for workers. It’s blatantly clear that in order to help fix the mess we made, it’s time to start bringing manufacturing jobs back home. (Read on)

Long before it was popular to be ‘green’ TerraCast Products held environmental awareness as a top priority. TerraCast Products are made in America using sustainable, environmentally friendly processes, plus they are guaranteed to last forever. Contact us today to learn more!