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5 Drawbacks To Fake Plants

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If you’re thinking of adding fake plants to your home or office décor you might want to think again after hearing these drawbacks to fake plants. Fake plants might look nice at first but they aren’t alive and this fact will show. Sure, fake plants won’t shed leaves, need to be repotted, or require any water but you will be …

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7 Green Business Landscaping Tips To Help Improve Efficiency

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Going green isn’t just the way of the future, it’s the only way into the future. These 7 green business landscaping tips will improve overall efficiency and help the long-term survival of the environment. Without more sustainable ways of running small and large businesses our fragile ecosystem will eventually break, as could your entire business. Landscaping might not seem like too big a …

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Top 9 Best Backyard Design Ideas Of 2015

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Having the best looking house on the block is easier than you think with these 9 best backyard design ideas of 2015. 1. Create A Perimeter Of Pretty Perennials Adding perimeters of flowers are all the rage this summer, as they make the perfect statement for your yard. You can create a perimeter of flowers around the entire border of …

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6 Outdoor Park Furniture Ideas

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Parks exist all over the globe, giving people everywhere the opportunity to spend some time in the great outdoors, clear their head and get some exercise. Public parks serve so many different purposes, including boosting the value of surrounding neighborhoods, increasing socialization among neighbors and offering kids a safe place to play. When designing outdoor park furniture it’s important to …

How To Create The Best Large Flower Pots On The Block

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Large flowerpots make quite a statement placed inside or outside. A pretty large container overflowing with an assortment of flowers is eye catching and can serve as a great focal point for your home or corporate landscaping. Despite how great large flower pots look plenty of things can go wrong when planting a collection of different plants in one oversized …

Inspirational Ideas For Efficient Commercial Lighting Fixtures

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Good commercial lighting is key to your business for 2 core reasons: 1. Safety and Security Exterior lighting and parking garage lighting helps people navigate because they can see where they are going. Lighting also offers a feeling of safety so that patrons (and employees) feel safe. 2. Aesthetics Lighting instantly changes the look of a place. Proper lighting will …

Large Planters in New York City

Commonly Asked Questions About Large Outdoor Planters

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Large outdoor planters make a beautiful statement, hence why they are used to decorate businesses, public squares, and private gardens. There are endless options when it comes to large outdoor planters, you can mix and match a variety of beautiful flowers, plant a few bushes, or even grow a full-grown tree. Large outdoor planters are incredibly popular, and for that …

Beautiful Rooftop Landscapes

Tips How To Successfully Landscape Rooftops

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Landscaped rooftops offer so many benefits. A rooftop naturally provides stunning views, offering the perfect space to kick back, relax and smell the roses. Rooftop landscaping is gaining more and more popularity among private residences, businesses, restaurants, and condo complexes. You don’t have to live in a big city that lacks outdoor space to enjoy the benefits of rooftop landscaping; …

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What You Need To Know About Commercial Grade Furniture

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Owning and operating a business is rewarding but it’s also a lot of work. Getting every last detail just right is paramount to your success, now and in the future. Finding quality commercial grade furniture is just one of the many puzzle pieces businesses need to figure out. It might be tempting to head to your local discount or retail …