Rooftop Planters

Rooftop Planters: Ideas On How To Create The Perfect Rooftop Garden

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Rooftop gardens have flourished in popularity lately, especially in busy cities like New York, where garden space is a true luxury. The best part? You don’t need a big rooftop to create a rooftop garden. Big or small, rooftop planters can change an unused space into a favorite hangout spot. By properly adding rooftop planters and other décor to your …


Mealybugs In Your Potted Plants

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Do you see white stuff forming on the limbs and leaves of your potted plants? Your first instinct might be to think that it’s mold, but really you are likely seeing a civilization of mealybugs in your potted plants. Mealybugs are teeny-tiny creatures that breed a new generation every 30 days, more and more mealybugs equals more and more white …

Potted Planter

4 Unique Landscaping Ideas for Potted Planters

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When it comes to landscaping every job entails something different, a new bag of tricks. Since no two people have the same exact taste, landscaping is truly an art form that must be reshaped and colored to fit the property (and clients) in question. In order to create landscaping that wows time and time again you should continually grow your …

wedding planters

6 Ways to Enhance Your Ceremony Using Wedding Planters

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Weddings are all about flowers, flowers are on tables, in the bride’s hair, and even tossed around by the flower girl. On average, the amount of money spent on wedding flowers alone is $2,000, consuming around 10% of the entire wedding budget. $2,000 doesn’t represent one flower-obsessed couple, this is the average amount spent by all; for someone who really …

apartment landscaping

Apartment Landscaping Ideas Using Potted Plants

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If you have ever been presented with the task of landscaping an entire apartment complex it can seem large and daunting. You need to create landscaping that looks good and is also affordable to maintain, seeking out hearty plants that won’t be easily harmed by the many residents that live there. You also want to create a look that captures …

landscaping architect

Landscaping Architect Inspiration: The Diaries Of Ruth Shellhorn

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Landscaping is a particular job that requires a wide variety of talents and skills; you need a thick understanding of plants and foliage, along with the ability to think creatively and see design details before they ever emerge. We find it so inspiring to learn about well-known landscape architects of the past, how they started their career and how they …

5 Basic Landscaping Design Tips

5 Basic Landscaping Design Tips That Work!

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Creating Landscapes That Works Sprawling before you is a sea of green grass; one large oak tree accented by beds of nearby flowers. Along the edges of the adjoining home, rows of daisies are planted in beautiful pots providing a burst of color. Sometimes, a certain outdoor space demands your attention, its beauty somehow captivating you. Think of basic landscaping …

edible landscape

Inspirational Tips To Create A Beautiful and Edible Landscape!

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8 Inspirational Tips For An Edible Container Garden Cultivating an edible landscape is a practical solution, offering both beauty and healthy food! The more natural foods you consume, the healthier you are likely to be. After all, the foods being grown in mass quantity are not going to be handled with nearly the same care as you will handle your …

soil types

The Importance of Choosing the Best Soil Types!

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Best Soil Types For Plant Containers If you are under the impression that all soil types are created equal, think again. There are MANY different soil types on the market, each with a specific material content and purpose. Picking the wrong kind of soil, or not properly caring for the soil you select, can cause otherwise healthy plants to fall …

outdoor plants

9 Amazing Ways Outdoor Plants Are …Amazing

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Nifty Facts About Outdoor Plants We see outdoor plants everyday of our life, often taking their unique beauty for granted. How much do you really know about the plant life in your area? How old is the average tree, and what are most outdoor plants made of? The plants and trees surrounding us have their own stories to tell, these …