5 Eco-friendly Products for Shopping Centers

5 Eco-friendly Products for Shopping Centers

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As the world shifts in a greener direction, the demand for eco-friendly materials has extended to shopping centers around the nation.  Lampposts, receptacles, planters, benches, walkways, parking spots – designing a shopping center is no small task, especially when you want eco-friendly materials.

Luckily, TerraCast Products makes it easier than ever to outfit your shopping center with high quality, long lasting and eco-friendly products – many of which qualify for LEED credits and points.

5 Green Product Ideas for Shopping Centers

Eco-Friendly Planters for Shopping Centers

Planters add greenery, beauty and appeal to shopping centers – get even more ‘green’ for your buck by installing eco-friendly planters. Our dark planters are made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials, while all of our planters (we offer 20 colors and can make any custom color you can dream up) are made from a good percentage of recycled materials. Plus, they can be recycled and made into brand new planters at the end of their long lifecycle.

Another factor that makes our planters eco-friendlier than the competition? The fact that they last an incredibly long time – which means less resources are needed to manufacture replacement planters.

Made right here in the USA, we maintain strong oversight in the production process. We use sustainable practices such as natural gas to heat our ovens and reclaimed water in the cooling chambers. Plus, we source materials locally whenever possible. In addition, our planters are surprisingly lightweight which makes them affordable and eco-friendly to ship on location.

Want to save water, reduce maintenance and improve plant life? Consider adding self-watering planters to your shopping center.

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Weather-resistant Light Poles for Shopping Centers

Shopping centers need a good deal of lighting to remain safe and accessible after dark. Some lighting fixtures are eco-friendlier than others. Take TerraCast light poles for instance, which are made from long lasting resin that provides a durable coat of protection to the outside of the pole. As a result, light poles last much longer and require little to no maintenance. Plus, there’s no worry about the pole rusting or corroding -a common problem with traditional metal light poles.

LED lighting fixtures are an excellent option to reduce how much electricity you utilize, and to get more life out of each bulb before it needs to be replaced. That’s why we use LED bulbs in all of our lighting fixtures.

Make your existing light poles last longer by investing in post covers. Are your light posts rusting, chipped, or corroded? Instead of replacing the entire pole, you can add a post cover over it! Learn more.

Additional Lighting Fixtures for Shopping Centers

Lampposts aren’t the only type of lighting that works great for shopping centers. In fact, expert designers will encourage you to use several different types of lighting fixtures. We offer a variety of durable and eco-friendly lighting fixtures, including tree ring lights, bollards, in-ground lighting, and so much more. The key is to use energy-efficient bulbs and long-lasting fixtures – pairing these two qualities ensures your lighting elements are eco-friendly.

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Trash cans and recycling bins are crucial to keeping your shopping center litter-free. By adding an equal number of recycling bins, you can help improve recycling rates and clean up our planet – now that’s an eco-friendly move!

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Rooftop Planters

Have a rooftop space that needs decorating? Considering outfitting your roof with planters and you are already doing your part to improve the planet. For one, rooftop plants directly reduce cooling needs inside of the building by cooling the immediate area. Plus, plants help clean up the air pollution created by cars and other nearby pollutants.

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Additional Ways to Make Your Shopping Center More Eco-Friendly

-Plant native plants

Native plant species require less water and upkeep, which makes them easier to maintain and more likely to flourish under natural conditions. Plus, native plants are less likely to attract pests, which means you can skip out on using toxic pesticides that harm the environment.

-Install proper drainage

Work with professionals to ensure your shopping center drains properly to prevent pollutants, like oil from cars, from ending up in local waterways when it rains.

-Add plenty of parking for electric vehicles + hybrids

Add charging ports for electric vehicles and up-close parking for hybrid vehicles – this helps drive more eco-conscious individuals to your shopping center and helps promote greener living in your area.

-Add energy-efficient lighting

As mentioned above, make the switch from traditional bulbs to LED bulbs to save electricity and enjoy longer lasting fixtures.

-Use non-toxic cleaning supplies

Using non-toxic cleaning supplies is better for the environment, the people, and your wallet! For instance, vinegar and distilled water is a great cleaner and it is far more affordable than fancy cleaners that are filled with unpronounceable ingredients.

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We make a wide variety of long-lasting products using sustainable manufacturing processes and recycled materials. Many of our products qualify for LEED credits and points.