edible landscape

Inspirational Tips To Create A Beautiful and Edible Landscape!

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8 Inspirational Tips For An Edible Container Garden Cultivating an edible landscape is a practical solution, offering both beauty and healthy food! The more natural foods you consume, the healthier you are likely to be. After all, the foods being grown in mass quantity are not going to be handled with nearly the same care as you will handle your …

soil types

The Importance of Choosing the Best Soil Types!

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Best Soil Types For Plant Containers If you are under the impression that all soil types are created equal, think again. There are MANY different soil types on the market, each with a specific material content and purpose. Picking the wrong kind of soil, or not properly caring for the soil you select, can cause otherwise healthy plants to fall …

outdoor plants

9 Amazing Ways Outdoor Plants Are …Amazing

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Nifty Facts About Outdoor Plants We see outdoor plants everyday of our life, often taking their unique beauty for granted. How much do you really know about the plant life in your area? How old is the average tree, and what are most outdoor plants made of? The plants and trees surrounding us have their own stories to tell, these …

potted plants

5 Tips & Tricks: Keeping Potted Plants Safe All Winter

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Tips & Tricks: Keep Potted Plants Safe All Winter During the winter, plants tend to fare better when planted in the ground as opposed to left out in a planter. Although, this is only true if one fails to take the proper precautions when it comes to protecting potted plants in the winter. It’s normal to lose a plant or …

Container Plant

Tips For Growing Healthy Container Plants

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Growing Healthy Container Plants Container plants open up so many opportunities, they allow you to grow any number of plants within the confines of an elegant statement box. They overturn conventional gardening as well, allowing greenery to grow just about anywhere, from apartment balconies to stucco and concrete office buildings. It’s easy to enjoy all of the wonderful benefits container …

Commercial Landscaping

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Commercial Landscaping

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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Commercial Landscaping Commercial landscaping can bring big benefits to your business; everyone enjoys an aesthetically pleasing site. Adding some greenery to your commercial property can boost revenues and even improve employee work ethic. Still, a well-intentioned landscaping project can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare without proper guidance. Create commercial landscaping that proves beneficial by …

contemporary outdoor planters

6 Unexpected Benefits of Contemporary Outdoor Planters

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Contemporary Outdoor Planters Ordinary Objects or Major Benefits? You might think of contemporary outdoor planters as everyday, ordinary objects, you likely even take them for granted. Pottery has been around and considered an art form since 6000 B.C.; Anthropologists and other historical researches have found evidence of pottery almost everywhere humans have lived. Clearly, the benefits of planters have been …

Low Maintenance Plant

Finding the Perfect Low Maintenance Plants

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The Beauty of Low Maintenance Plants: How to Pick The Perfect Planter Flowers The appearance of a commercial location is extremely important, even if a company operates out of a concrete jungle they can benefit from adding decorative plants and flowers to their landscape. Although, beware of the mistakes so many have already made, if you buy the first beautiful …

Nissan Altima Commercial Shoot

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In June, Lou and I went to NYC to meet with some customers as well as spend a few days looking at the installations around the city.  It was a great trip and found ourselves on the half-full side of entertainment, as there is always something happening in Manhattan.  We were fortunate to find ourselves in the middle of filming …