Benefits of PolySteel Weather-Resistant Light Posts

Benefits of PolySteel Weather-Resistant Light Posts

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When you are constructing your outdoor lighting, using high-quality light posts is always a good idea. Using high-quality materials means you’ll need to perform less maintenance, the product itself will last longer, and it’ll look nicer than products of lesser materials.

Our unique weather-resistant light posts are made from a proprietary blend of resin, along with other materials, that give our customers an affordable, and more durable option than anything else out there. Choosing light posts can be a tricky business when looking at all the various options you might have. However, the benefits of weather-resistant lampposts far outweigh any other product out there on the market.

PolySteel Light Posts are Extremely Durable & Weather Resistant

You won’t have to worry about the effects of crazy weather and hard wear and tear when you go with PolySteel light posts because they are built to last. PolySteel is the main material used in weather-resistant light posts. Most light posts will continue to break down after the first signs of damage as rust and water can permeate the outer coating. Once a typical light post has its thin outer layer broken through (whether that is by a scrape, dent, or crack), the integrity of the entire pole is compromised.

Weather-resistant light posts are created as monolithic, resin-based structures. This way, you don’t have to worry about them being weakened by storms, rust, or cracks. The unique blend of resin with galvanized steel and industrial polyurethane foam creates an exceptionally strong pole that stands up to corrosion, pet waste, and even physical damage. This will save you money down the road because you do not need to maintain or replace as frequently as you would with a traditional light pole.

3 Benefits of PolySteel Weather Resistant Light Posts

#1. Weather-Resistant Light Posts are Cheaper & Easier to Install

PolySteel is lighter than other traditional types of light posts. This makes it cheaper and easier to ship to project sites. The added benefit of being able to move the light post around with only one or two people is much more cost-effective than needing to potentially hire a crew with heavy machinery. Being able to save money on anything within your landscape lighting plan can allow you to choose higher-quality options you wouldn’t have been able to afford before. 

When wanting to change up a landscape down the road, knowing that you don’t have to have a team of people is a big benefit to the PolySteel weather-resistant poles. With fewer hands to do the labor, there’s less effort and less overall work on your part.

#2. They Have Stronger Construction

You’ll notice on many typical light posts that the base takes on the brunt of all damages. With our PolySteel weather-resistant light posts, poles have the exceptional ability to survive lasting damage and continuous exposure to the elements. The bases are low maintenance and are specially created to reduce entry points for moisture. This helps them to last a much longer time.

#3. Old Bases Can be Re-Based with New Posts

If you already have light posts that are starting to breakdown from wear and tear at the base, you don’t necessarily have to replace the entire post. Instead, consider affixing a TerraCast Light Post Base to your existing pole. This is a great way to save on replacement costs, while adding to the longevity of your light posts. Additionally, TerraCast offers the ability to customize the look of the base to match the aesthetic you are going for.

Instead of wasting money on lampposts that require a lot of maintenance and repairs down the road, consider using a more durable and inexpensive option: PolySteel lampposts! This lightweight and maintenance-free option is the perfect solution for a heavily trafficked area or one with frequently changing weather patterns. For those with already existing lampposts, re-basing your old posts with new ones can save you a lot of time and money.

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