Planter Soil

Choosing The Right Planter Soil

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Without soil your plants won’t survive. Just like sun and water, your plants also need a nice meaty soil to sink their roots into. When planting potted plants you are solely responsible for creating just the right environment. After all, the roots of a plant can’t reach outside of the planter, meaning they have to find everything they need right …

How To Create Contemporary Landscapes That Work

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How To Create Contemporary Landscapes That Work As contemporary design becomes more and more popular, it is showing up in a lot of landscapes. For the last 10 years contemporary landscaping has been on the rise in the UK, and has now made its way to the US. Clean lines outlined by ‘hard’ materials, like stone or wood, define contemporary …

Potted Plants

8 Tips How To Balance & Properly Arrange Your Potted Plants

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8 Tips How To Balance & Properly Arrange Your Potted Plants There are no rules set in stone when it comes to designing good-looking landscaping with potted plants. The most amazing outdoors spaces are created using imagination, not just following a set of rules. It’s what’s different that captures attention, not what looks the same as everything else. That doesn’t …

How To Pick High Quality Planters For Successful Container Gardening

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How To Pick High Quality Planters For Successful Container Gardening When you imagine the perfect landscaping space, you likely don’t imagine cheap looking planters that are dented in and heavily weathered. But buyer beware, many of the container planters on the market will break down within only one year. For instance, the fluctuation from cold to hot might be too …

Perfect Potted Plants For The Patio

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Create The Perfect Potted Plants For The Patio Looking to spruce up your outdoor patio? Patio planters might be the winning answer. The first things you might think about adding to redecorate your patio are chairs, tables, and perhaps a swing of some sort. Furniture is always nice, but the greatest way to add beauty and design to your patio …

Common Planting Mistakes

7 Common Planting Mistakes That You Don’t Have To Make

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Potted plants are awesome and offer so many benefits to your landscaping, inside and out. The one thing to thing to remember, the rules for container planters are different than the rules regarding plants that live in the ground. You must respect and adhere to these differences in order to create a successful container garden. Every gardener makes common planting …

Transplanting Potted Plants

5 Tips On Transplanting Potted Plants Successfully

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Transplanting potted plants simply means to move a plant from one container to another location. There are a number of reasons why you might need to transplant your potted plants. Perhaps your plant has grown and it needs a larger space to continue developing properly. If you purchase plants at a nursery, you will have to transplant them out of …

Self-watering Planters

Self-Watering Planters: Save Time, Money and Hassle

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How would you like it if you could only have water when someone offered it to you? Just like people, plants need water to thrive. Self-watering planters allow potted plants to have constant access to water without the risk of root rot. Self-watering planters are made with a built-in liner, which collects water and grants a 24/7 oasis for your …

Office Potted Plants

5 Great Low Maintenance Potted Plants

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Flowers don’t just belong outside; flowers are also an excellent addition inside. Some plants don’t do well indoors, instead craving the natural rays of the sun to thrive. Other plants do like living inside, but only with a lot of upkeep and maintenance on your part. So do low-maintenance, easy to care for indoor plants even exist? Thankfully, yes! Even …

landscape designs

7 Super Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Landscape Designs

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It doesn’t take much of an investment to enhance the look and value of your landscaping project. You can simply add a few high quality planters or set up a shady spot to relax. Curb appeal matters for residential, corporate, and public locations. The way a property appears on the outside can change the way people react to it, feel …